Timing Belt on a 3.0

Max Baker max at warped.org
Wed Dec 17 09:39:39 PST 2008

Thanks Guys.

I don't have the car in front of me, but I'll check the manual, model 
and year this weekend.  I know the car is at least 5 years old, and 
she's certain it's the 3.0L, so (Chris) I'm guessing it's the regular A6 
Avant. Cody, thanks for the heads-up about the VVT,  I don't think I 
want to really deal with that.  I'll send her to a local shop.


Dan DiBiase wrote:
> Max, it should say in the owner's manual, it's probably something like 
> 105k miles. However, personally, I would do it now, as,
> assuming it hasn't been done, it's 7 years old.... There is generally 
> a mileage and time period for changing the belts. I.e., it might
> be something like 105k miles or 7 years....
> Typically, you'd also replace the tensioner pulley, water pump, idle 
> pulley and the serpentine belt.
> Dan D
> '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
> Central NJ USA
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> Hi List,
> My sister has an all-road w/ a 3.0 in it.  Does anyone know what the
> timing belt change interval is on those?  She says it has 86k miles and
> has never been changed.
> Anything else that should be done on those "while i'm in there" ?
> Thanks,
> -m
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