Timing Belt on a 3.0

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Wed Dec 17 08:56:51 PST 2008

You may want to take a good look in the manual first. The T-belt job on a 
3.0l *REQUIRES* (not "it's really great to have" like on a 2.7l) special 
tools and special procedures to deal with the oil pressure fed variable 
camshaft pulleys. The first on I did was a B!TCH, but if you take your time 
and pay attention it isn't _too_ bad.


Max Baker wrote:
> Hi List,
> My sister has an all-road w/ a 3.0 in it.   Does anyone know what the
> timing belt change interval is on those?  She says it has 86k miles
> and has never been changed.
> Anything else that should be done on those "while i'm in there" ?
> Thanks,
> -m
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