Anyone have a CQ (7A) busted transmission laying around?

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Thu Dec 18 04:18:42 PST 2008

Not close by, I'm in detroit, but I may have one.

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Subject: Anyone have a CQ (7A) busted transmission laying around?
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Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 4:41 PM

Hi List,

So my buddy was trying to open the fill plug for me to check the tranny 
oil level, since the car has been shifting rough lately and I was worried.
The fill plug was fused in there, and in trying to get it out we've 
managed to crack the diff housing on the drivers side.

Does anyone have a busted tranny case for a 90 CQ that they want to part 
out, and happens to be in the SF Bay Area?  if not the whole case,  just 
that driver's-side diff housing is all I need.  I'm assuming that I can

just reuse the shim that's in there and it'll be good enough.

This was in preparation to go up to the mountains for the family 
christmas this weekend.  ugh.

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