Timing belt on a 3.0

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No it is not old school. It is the officially revised recommendation,  
from the official factory service manual, super-ceding previous  
recommendations, instituted in late 2006/early 2007, after numerous  

On Dec 18, 2008, at 9:58 AM, MXHOWES at aol.com wrote:

> Is not the 60 K (miles) interval kind of old school thinking? I  
> think  that
> the improvements in timing belt technology have made the 90 K  
> interval more  of
> the norm. Having said that, if I had 86 K on my Audi I would be  
> either  be
> shopping for the parts or a good mechanic ... soon. (depending on  
> how  the car
> has been driven.)
> I will open another can of worms by stating that the life of a  
> timing  belt
> should be measured by the total time (in hours, revolutions or   
> years) that the
> belt has been in service. The soccer mom's Audi is going to have  a  
> lot more
> hours on the engine at 90 K than the person who does a 90 mile a  
> day  commute.
> Also to be considered is how the car is driven ...... do you ever   
> take it
> over 3500 RPM? If so, how often?
> There are a lot of factors to be considered in making a decision  
> based  on
> mileage. Since I drive my Audi's very easy and spend a lot of  time  
> on the
> freeway, a 90 K interval seams more than reasonable.
> Jim
>>> Let me add one more thing. Despite the milage I've seen  them go  
>>> to, I
>>> won't go more than 60K on ANYTHING I own. That includes  my older
>>> non-interferance engines as well. All I was saying (before  getting
>>> blasted for it) is that's what I've  observed.
> Tony
> I
> Jim
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