4KQ Hubs: Front vs. Rears and bearing sizes

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Thu Dec 18 13:38:22 PST 2008

Thanks huh,
forgot about that one.
Also, there is a bastard year 80, 1988, that uses the 1pc front uprights and smaller bearings too.

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spectrum wrote:
> There are a few differences aside from the bearings.
>  The front rotos are slightly larger diameter and vented, the rears
smaller and solid. Also, the offset of the rotor is different.
> The front hubs are unique to the 4k quattro and non quattro. The rear hubs
interchange with the 80q/90q/Cq and I _think_ the 100q

I think the 4k/4kq fronts interchange with the 80-87 coupe/coupe gt too.

Watch out for early (80-84) fwd cars with their 4x100 hubs, though. Might be

-- Huw Powell



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