OMGosh it's one thing after another this month !!!

Fay Kelley iceisit at
Fri Dec 19 20:07:26 PST 2008

Well it seems it is the starter .... I took it to Napa and they said 
the batter was "okay" not great but adequate.

I then took it to AutoZone to have codes run and it seems the 
connector for their machine is "newer" than mine and they couldn't 
read it.

We tried jumping it when it wouldn't start and no go, so it isn't the battery.

It doesn't seem to act like the ignition switch, and it starts easier 
when cold, so I am assuming starter.   And it has been gradually 
getting worse.

So I'll have to try to find a rebuilt and then figure out how to 
change it .... couldn't be a worse time, we are north of Flagstaff 
now in Doney Park and the wind is horrible ..... snow drifts up to my 
waist and in town it is melting.     We don't have a garage to work 
in unless I can find one and it feels bitter cold to work on a car 
outside now.

When it rains it pours.

Audi Grrl
Red '97 A6 Avant AWD


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