No spark - Code 2113 Hall Signal - Crank Pulley slipped

George sidman at
Fri Feb 1 09:24:50 PST 2008

Ben:     I just wanted to thank you for posting a worthwhile on-topic issue
on the Audi list. 

All this highly personal drivel about remotes, Cadillacs, Boxsters, waving
at each other, and other nonsense is flooding our mailboxes, and I suspect
most of us don't need or want to see it. Those conversations belong on

People do need to be reminded occasionally about proper list etiquette. 
A good description is here:
I find the Audi lists I am on very helpful in keeping my 2 Audis on the road
and am simply asking that we stay on-topic and Audi focused.		 
George Sidman

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