Speaking of remotes...

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Feb 1 09:29:43 PST 2008

> I've heard about this for years.  Holding the remote to your chin does
> work... yet nobody I've heard has an actual scientific reason.  The closest
> I've heard is something about the hollow bone in your chin acting as a
> rudimentary antenna.  Being a non-believer, back in college I tried it with
> several cars (I think all aftermarket alarms at the time).  And the chin
> thing did increase the sight range approximately 10%
> (frankly, we didn't measure exactly... but did "pace off" the distance).
> Whenever my Clifford alarm's battey got low, I couldn't lock the car from my
> porch.  But holding it to my chin did it every time.
> And it bugs me to this day that nobody has proven to me WHY this occurs.
> Anybody got a PHD is biophysics and waveforms?

No, but that won't stop me from making up a bunch of technobabble to 
explain it!

Quite possibly, the jaw acts as a waveguide - it's about the right size 
to resonate at the microwave frequencies used, and one would usually be 
looking at the car - making a "V" aimed at the target.

And, as I pointed out, bone is mostly metal (calcium and phosporus *are* 
metals, right? I think so...), but the jaw contains extra amounts in 
most people.

Anyone ever test this with someone with all ceramic fillings vs. 
silver/mercury?  And vs. someone with braces (orthodontic appliances)?

Huw Powell



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