In the clutches of a scoobie-doo

Jim Hardesty jimhardesty at
Fri Feb 1 14:54:14 PST 2008

16.5K?  That's hard to believe that could be driving style.  And hard to
believe you need an aftermarket upgrade.

I just had my wrx clutch replaced at 75k (major slippage) with at least 400
autocross launches on it.

Stock clutch $950 tax, title, license and labor.  That includes a $150 TO

But considering what I did to my subie clutch I don't see how yours could
wear out that early.



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I dont think the early failure is attributable to the clutch parts.   
Lots of those go 100k+.

Its either a defect, or driving style.

On Feb 1, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Robert Myers wrote:

> Hi Y'all,
> The bitter, er, better, half's 2007 Forester 2.5XT with only 16.5K on 
> the clock has developed a MAJOR clutch slip problem.  The local 
> stealer is waffling on covering it under warranty.
> I'm assuming at this time that the repair will be done under warranty.  
> (If not, there will be a battle here.)  With that assumption in mind 
> I'm looking for information re: possible clutch upgrade at this time.  
> My bargaining would be assisted if I had a ballpark estimate of 
> pricing (parts only) for stock and upgraded clutch kits.  The 
> difference in cost is what I really need.  Do any of you scoobie 
> owners have any info for me?  Bueller?
> Bob
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