Coolant Useage

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How much is 'a bit'?

Are we talking from max to min in a month? a week?


Jim Haseltine
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> Thought i would chuck this out to see if any list wisdom can solve this.
> My 80q with 2.6 V6 motor uses a bit of coolant. I have checked for leaks 
> and haven't found any, the hose clips all over the engine weren't what i 
> would call tight and have now been tightened.
> I have no signs at all of coolant mixed with oil and vice versa, no nasty 
> smells from the exhuast either, so where is it going?????
> I understand the expansion cap is a common weakness and will more than 
> likely get replaced next week.
> The temp guage does read just above 90 degs and rises to the next mark 
> when sitting in traffic, this is when the fan kicks in. I have been all 
> round the engine bay with an infra red thermometer and the highest temp i 
> saw was 89.5 degs C and that was on the heater supply hose.
> It had a new water pump @ 166k when the belt was done so that was only 8K 
> ago. Thermostat is unknown when that was replaced.
> So any words of wisdom would be great.
> Iain
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