Maintenance, spares, and owners

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Mon Feb 4 05:07:09 PST 2008

With leased cars and free maintenance, I wouldn't be surprised if the car
was beat on and just not really well maintained at all.

The free maintenance allows the lessee to have a free ride on maintenance,
so there is probably even less attention paid to the car than one where you
would have to maintain the car in order to comply with the lease contract.

A worn motor in a little more than 100k is surprising, though.

You won't find the type of community among late model Audi owners that you
do with Porsche owners simply because most of the Porsches are much more of
a niche car with a very enthusiastic community. I wonder if Cayenne owners
are anything like your typical 911 owner.


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