Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Feb 4 16:35:38 PST 2008

>>Ya see there's this old retired fart I know who is getting weak of 
>>both mind and body and today while I, er.. he, was changing some 
>>wheels I, er... he, had an idea.  I betcha, he says, that there are 
>>some small air powered jacks available for use in a small home 
>>garage.  Does anyone have a recommendation for me, uh, 
>>him?  Something fairly small and lightweight and, preferably, 
>>inexpensive - say maybe $50 - $60-ish, at least under $100?

At first I was thinking, yeah, there's cool (hydraulic) stuff out there 
- then I saw your price point.  Isn't a nice $100 or so manual hydraulic 
rolling floor jack easy enough to operate?

Just pony up and buy a used shop lift and install it in your garage...

> Dear Old Retired Fart:
> $100 used to be a lot of money. Today it will fill your gas tank.
> Harbor Freight, purvey of all things cheap and Chinese, has some selections. 
> Here's a bottle jack for <$100. No guessing how many times it will work. :)
> http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=96147

Minimum height: 10-3/8" - isn't going to help him much.

Huw Powell



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