New head lights for a 5KTQ type 44

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Fri Feb 8 11:00:29 PST 2008

If anyone is interested in doing that - putting in the 1st gen dual 84-85  
sealed beam assembly- I did just that with my previous 86' 5000TQ. 
IIRC the mounting holes, ect where all there on my car and required nothing  
but screwdriver to install....(and gloves as I remember cutting my finger 
pretty  good on the lights when installing!)
The lighting with the Euro lights was a MASSIVE improvement over the stock  
lights- pretty much night and day- quite literally! 
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New  head lights for a 5KTQ type 44
Find the old quad headlight buckets from the Early type 44 (84-85?) and  find
100 x 150 mm (4 x 6") H4 (Hi/Lo) and H1 (Hi) lamps to go in  those buckets. I
if you will have to buy the older core support to  go with the buckets. My
feeling is
that you may be able to drill and tap  your current core support to do this.
also need the headlight  carriers/adjusters from the same car you'll be
the buckets from.  Basically, you're redoing you car to have the same front
end of
the early  cars, but use Euro lamps instead of US Sealed  beams.

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