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Fri Feb 8 16:29:12 PST 2008

The WR cam fits on a WX head, I'm driving a WR cam on my '83 WX  now.  L-A 
this is from memory here, but if the '81 donor has 17 teeth, the  81 should be 
interchangeable.  If the donor has 13 teeth, I don't think it  is 
interchangeable, but sounds like someone might have done the long vs short  thing...  
Doesn't make sense to me, but I never thought to attempt  interchanging the long vs 
the short head configurations.
WRT to your lobe clearance question, get the feeler gauges, or we will need  
to get the lb weight of the paper you are using...  feeler gauges are  better? 
Scott J
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Thanks  Scott, 

Sure, the gear on my car is 17 teeth. I’ll check on the donor  first. But
then, it means the WK/WR cam won’t fit on a WX even I swap gears  on the
dizzy ? 

I have another question. The valves on my WX head  were adjusted 4 years ago,
when I had the head rebuilt. I didn’t rode much,  so the mileage should be
less than 15k miles. Is it normal that all the  base circle of the lobes
don’t touch the solid tappets (lifters) ? I can  insert 2 or 3 sheet of
papers between the lobe and the tappets. Shouldn’t  they be at least very
near (I can’t find my feeler gauge…) when the engine  is cold ? 



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