What is the purpose of this list?

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I've sent Tyson some pictures of the pages of the Bentley shop manual. He
should be OK now. And he was a bit right, I was too lazy to do that on the
first call, and it took me about 4 minutes for the whole process. Virtual
friendship has a price, sometimes it is my turn to pay :-).


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Hi guys,

I am a bit frustrated and want to vent. A few days ago, after resurrecting
my 4kq I ran into problems with my diff locks that were caused by the
mechanic that did the clutch job. Although my first inquires about the
center diff lock got helpful responses (directing me where I can find the
control rod) my subsequent requests for help were pretty much brushed aside.

Anyone that has done work on the tranny likely knows that for whatever
reason everything (shifting linkages, clutch cylinders and this diff switch)
are very inaccessible. It is obvious that a vacuum solenoid is going to have
2 nipples and that pressure-vacuum on the diaphragm inside is what makes the
control rod move. (stating that the sky is blue and the sun is yellow does
not help me guys!) What would be helpful is some sort of a drawing showing
how things are down there. I am going solely by feel with my hand twisted
into shapes not intended for the human body and with all the garbage in that
small area it is hard to tell what is what. Having a drawing of what I am
supposed to be feeling, would help a great deal! I would guess that the
vacuum lines are color-coded and correspond to the switch inside the cabin
(which would help troubleshoot etc.) - THIS information is useful! My
indicator light for the center diff is also not working. I found a 2-pin
sensor-type-thing and 2 wires that were not long enough to stretch to it - I
am guessing that this is the sensor. Indecently, my reverse lights are not
working either. In the process of trying to work the wires free, I tore one
of them. The harness dives somewhere between the car body and tranny and
disappears. A diagram of the wiring for this system would be helpful in
figuring out how I can re-run some new wires for this sensor, etc.

Guys, here is the thing. I know that we are busy and it's not like I am
paying for the help or that anyone here owes me something. It's just that we
will get 20+ post tirades going about American vs German cars, Ford vs
Chevy, Audi vs Volvo, but when a genuine topic (that I have no doubt many of
you are informed about) comes up, I get a few responses to the tune of,
"check the nipples on the actuator". It is not for lack of trying to find a
diagram (and I could have sworn that I saw a hand-drawn one at some point
online), but I really need one! The whole reason that I just spent almost
$1000 to revive a car that is worth $500-800, is so that I can play with a
traction-locked drivetrain.

As I am sure many here, I work 80-90 hours per week, but I also belong to
this and some other online car lists. I take time to help people when I can
and if it takes 20-30 minutes to type something up that will be helpful, I
very often do it - if not for the questioner's sake, then to have it in the
archive. I really need some help here guys. Can someone PLEASE scan a few
pages from a manual or take a camera to the garage, or something! I want my
diff lock to work!

Tyson Varosyan
Technical Director, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
tyson at up-times.com
206-715-TECH (8324)

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