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Sun Feb 10 17:05:38 PST 2008

Hey guys,
   After installing the alternator in my A4 2.7tq, my volt meter  is 
registering about 14.5v to 14.7v, which is over a volt higher than my  previous 
alternator.  I know I had run my battery down a bit by  driving the car around 
diagnosing the dead alternator, would could that have  something to do with it?  I 
wouldnt think it would make the voltage run  higher, but I am asking cause I 
have seen stranger things.  Its a used  warranteed I can always 
exchange it.  I just want to make  sure its not something else.  The engine 
is from a 2001 S4.
Should I be concerned?  I ran the car for about a minute, then didnt  want to 
screw anything up if the voltage was out of range.  So I shut it  down and 
got online.  Any ideas?
1998 A4 2.7tq stage 2+, many other tricks
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