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Sun Feb 10 23:31:08 PST 2008

I sorry to hear of another Audifan passing. It seems it has been a rough couple of years.  On a better note, Huw can make the birth number seven or eight! There was a new Audifan brought into the world at 6:28pm. I will not be taking my new duaghter home in an Audi...it'll be a VW 4Motion!  I tried for Audi as a name for our child, but it got the axe early on so we are still undecided. I wonder if my 4kq will make it until she's 16!

Good night...for a couple hours!

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This sort of thing is so sad... over the years, I think I've seen at 
least three wedding announcements on here, six or seven births, but so 
sadly, more than a couple of these sorts of announcements.

Can someone cobble together a way for us to paypal as a group some 
flowers (or donation in lieu of)?

Huw Powell


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