Gotta be a 5 cylinder (manual) quattro!

Andrew Duane aduane at
Mon Feb 11 09:52:00 PST 2008

quattro-bounces at wrote:
> <<And no, there are still many of us out here with the older
> Audis. If I
> can't have five cylinders and AWD I don't want an Audi ...
> Randy Cohen>>
> Here here!  I've been trying to convince myself  I'd enjoy a newer
> quattro to replace the '91 200q, with 240 kmi.  It still runs
> phenominally, although it has a smorgasbord of electrical
> gremlins.  I'd really like another Avant, but in my price range:
> A6 - heavy, slow, do they even have manual trannys?

Pretty much only the 2.7T models had sticks; the 2.8 had a brief
experiment with a stick in the 2000 model year. I had one of these, and
unfortunately it was a total lemon (for reasons unrelated to the stick).
The number I heard was a couple of hundred sedans, and no avants.


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