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Sat Feb 23 05:38:19 PST 2008

I'm slowly learning, the hard way, that Goodyear ( high end tires)  
and Michelin have the best Quality in the industry.

The New Goodyear F1 All Season is getting raves. I love my F1 GSD3s.

People also speak well of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

Neither is cheap.

The conti extremecontact is great if they are round and stay that  
way.  Mine weren't and didn't.


On Feb 18, 2008, at 11:14 PM, Ben Swann wrote:

> Which are best?
> I’m not trying to compromise on price this time since a good set  
> will last me several
> years, I don’t want to skimp, especially on safety.  At the same  
> time, if I pay more, I
> want to make sure that what I’m getting is worth it.  I don’t need  
> dedicated track tires
> or summer tires.  I need all around the best most forgiving tire  
> available for a tire
> that get driven hard all year round.
> I’m looking for 225/50ZR16” to fit on 8” BBS wheels.  I need a tire  
> that will handle
> very high speed in the dry and pretty fast in wet and no surprises  
> in winter conditions.
> Don’t get enough snow to get dedicated snows, but enough dicey  
> weather that I need it to
> be M&S rated.  So basically if I have to compromise, it will be in  
> paying more.  What is
> the best tire or of top two or three that suit an all around  
> purpose and might even do
> OK on a track, but moreover be good safety-wise and handle all  
> weather conditions for a
> generally aggressive driving style.
> I seem to have narrowed selection down and am looking at  
> Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS
> Pole Position
> < 
> tireMake=Bridgestone&tireModel=Potenza+RE960AS+
> Pole 
> +Position&partnum=25WR6RE960PP&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&pla 
> ce=3&speed_rat
> ing=V&speed_rating=Z&speed_rating=W&speed_rating=Y&speed_rating=(Y) 
> &minSpeedRating=H> ,
> Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
> < 
> tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Pilot+Sport+A%2FS&p
> artnum=25YR6SPORTAS&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&place=7&speed_ 
> rating=V&speed_rat
> ing=Z&speed_rating=W&speed_rating=Y&speed_rating=(Y) 
> &minSpeedRating=H> .  safety-wise. I
> currently have Avon Tech M550 A/S
> < 
> tireMake=Avon&tireModel=Tech+M550+A%2FS&partnum
> =25WR6M550&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&place=0&speed_rating=V& 
> speed_rating=Z&spe
> ed_rating=W&speed_rating=Y&speed_rating=(Y)&minSpeedRating=H>  and  
> they were not too bad
> at first, but as they aged got rather noisy and even with some  
> tread left aren’t the
> best in all-weather.  I heard about the same of Continental  
> ContiExtremeContact
> < 
> tireMake=Continental&tireModel=ContiExtremeCont
> act&partnum=25VR6CEC&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&place=4&speed 
> _rating=V&speed_ra
> ting=Z&speed_rating=W&speed_rating=Y&speed_rating=(Y) 
> &minSpeedRating=H>  .   I did not
> like the Yokahama DB series, and Pirelli P6’s just seem kind of  
> hard and boring, and I
> hate Dunlop GT Qualifiers..   So even though there seem to be some  
> pretty good rubber
> for the money in the$ 80-100 range, it would be nice to get the  
> best I can.
> So which are best?
> Ben
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