George Selby gselby4x4 at
Sat Feb 23 17:25:43 PST 2008

At 07:50 PM 2/23/2008, you wrote:
>They talk about a tread pattern that is good in wet weather - but again,
>based on the amount t of snow Ben gets in his area - this may be
>sufficient. Wouldn't fly in NH

Have you ever seen Ben's driveway?  With any amount of snow he would 
practically need studded tires!

As to my two cents on tires:  I have used the Sumitomo HTR 200's on 
my 300ZX for years, I like them except they wear out quickly, but 
have good wet and dry traction in that application (it hardly ever 
snows here, and if it does I'm driving my CJ-7, not the 300ZX.)

Based on my good experiences with the Sumitomos on my 300ZX, when I 
had to replace the back two tires on my 95 BMW 318ic, I got two 
Sumitomo Touring LSH's and they are awful.  They make the rear end of 
my car all loose in the dry, break traction in a heartbeat in the 
rain and in general suck. The front has a set of BFG Touring TA's and 
they work really well on that car (quiet, good wet and dry traction, 
too bad I can't find them anywhere.)

George Selby 

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