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I was in the exact situation as you, only 16.7's vice 16x8's and I went with the Yokohama AS430.  It is V-rated, directional with an all-weather tread.  I have successfully ran it in rain, snow, and ice with no complaints.  I have not done a track day or anything on them, but they do just fine on all the on and off ramps I have pushed them through way too fast.  I believe you would be very pleased with them.  I am running ES100's on my mustang and like them as well; I am a Yokohama guy.  Although I only run Michelin's on my motorcycle, so there you go.

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Oh, did you first look up the GS D3? They are a summer only.
The A/S is very, very new, and quite interesting from what I read.

I have the GSD3. They are downright dangerous below about 35 degrees,  
snow or not.
That;'s true of EVERY ultra-HP summer tires. They are not only non- 
snow rated, btu get hard int he cold.

That's why I'm pointing out A/S tires that appear to be in the same  
league with hgih performance summers.


On Feb 23, 2008, at 5:38 PM, Kent McLean wrote:

> Kent McLean wrote:
>> Grant Lenahan wrote:
>>>> I also agree with Ben in that there really is not 'good' compromise
>>>> tire
>>>> for summer/winter
>>> Traditional wisdom.
>>> But read the reviews of the brand new GoodYear Eagle F1 A/s. It
>>> apparently breaks the traditions.
>>> I wish I could have bought it in my size.
>>  From Goodyear's own web site:
>> PRODLINE=1197
>> Dry Traction  9
>> Wet Traction  10
>> Snow Traction  N/A
>> We have snow in NH. "N/A" doesn't convince me.
> Oh. More studying.
> PRODLINE=154224
> Dry Traction  9
> Wet Traction  9
> Snow Traction  8
> These are the "Eagle F1 All Season", not the "Eagle F1 GS-D3".  
> What's in a name?
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