Slick Steering Wheel

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Tue Feb 26 15:58:36 PST 2008

I found Lexol products at a shoe repair shop (cobbler), but those are
getting quite hard to find.


On 2/26/08, Eric Huppert <ehuppert at> wrote:
> Dan,
> Try personal lube (the warming type, keeps your hands toasty)
> Seriously though, I started using the Lexol last year (second the prior
> post) and it's really good stuff! Never really cared for the combined
> cleaner/conditioner.
> Only issue this time of the year is you really need "heat" for the
> conditioner to absorb into the leather. (summer time, windows up, bake
> away!) It will be initially tacky once done but with several heat cycles
> it
> should be okay... I buy cheap white terry towels at the automotive supply
> as
> you can clean until no more crud comes off. And, I'm frugal enough that I
> wash them in the washer for re-use!
> In my case it was a little difficult to find locally. Ended up getting it
> in
> a semi-local hardware store in the shoe section. Best bet is a
> "horsey"/tack
> shop. Used for saddles and such.
> Cheers, Eric
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