'95 A6 - Catalytic converter

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 20:22:50 PST 2008

I'm a bit skeptical about their diagnosis... just seems a bit too easy.  If
you can't afford to have anyone work on it, you're kind of stuck doing it
yourself.  Shouldn't be too hard to get apart.  Getting it back together
without any leaks might be a bit more difficult.  However, if you do manage
to get it back together you could get it to a muffler shop and have them fix
any leaks that might be there.  

Even with one cat totally plugged I'd expect you'd notice more than just a
check engine light.  You might get it back from Audi and go to an
independent shop for a 2nd opinion.  If you can get it back home you might
have a better chance finding a mechanic that would work with you on the

However, there are many other things that can throw the check engine light.
I wonder if the dealer even ran the codes.  Could just be a tired oxygen
sensor or some bad vacuum lines or even a loose gas cap.

How was the car running when all this went down?


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> Fay Kelley wrote:
> > My car had the "check engine" light on when I got to Phoenix Sunday 
> > for a tennis tournament.   I left it at Audi and Tues. they 
> said the 
> > left cat was totally plugged.   We cannot afford to replace that at 
> > this time.   And, we cannot afford one of the alternative shops 
> > either.
> > 
> > My hubby suggested taking the "inards" out, but the Audi parts guy
> > said it was difficult to do.
> It would be difficult for a shop as messing with the cat is a 
> federal offense 
> with a big fine. But if you take it home, remove the cat, I 
> think poking it with 
> a big long screw driver something will help free it up.
> Just replace it when you can, after this, ah, "test" proves 
> the theory. You may 
> find on-line sources have reasonably priced replacement cats 
> that just bolt 
> right in.
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