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I was actually thinking brakes too.  I had this problem with frozen caliper pins. 

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You could eliminate the brakes as a cause of the shudder.....When that 
shudder is happening, pull over and walk around the car, putting the palm 
of your hand on each wheel.....feel the temperature the wheel.  If the 
shudder is associated with brakes grabbing, you won't be able to keep your 
hand on the affected wheels very long. Eventually there was smoke and the 
smell of hot brakes when this condition was at its worst......but it crept 
up on me.

That is how I became aware of a brake grabbing problem on my 87 5ktq a few 
years ago....and it required replacing the master cylinder.

Here are some other symptoms, as seen by another quattro list member (Ron 
Wainwright) back in 2002: "I was coming to a stop sign up a little hill and 
when I stopped I put the car in neutral, but I didn't roll back. Car kinda 
felt like it had the E-brake on so when I got home I checked it and noticed 
that the rim and rotor were very hot to the touch, so the next day I took 
the caliper apart thinking that the piston was frozen but it wasn't ( and 
my E-brake cables have been disconnected prior) and bled the system didn't 
notice any thing after that for a week then while pulling in the driveway 
at night I noticed the rear driver side rotor was glowing red but I know 
that the calipers are working."

At 11:41 PM 2/26/2008, you wrote:
>This is in my 91 200 TQ 20V with 126k miles. It is overdue on the 120K 
>timing belt change.  I'm experiencing an odd shudder at highway speeds. 
>This had been occurring after about 1/2 hr at highway speed. I thought it 
>may be the transmission. This is how I found out about the transmission 
>leak. I checked the gear oil level.
>Oil in tranny and still the shudder. It feels like an engine miss, but 
>this doesn't happen at lower speeds and similar rpm. What else should I 
>check? Could this be an inner (passenger side) cv joint?

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