Max Baker max at
Thu Feb 28 16:40:45 PST 2008

Hi Ed,

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 04:22:10PM -0700, Ed Kellock wrote:

> 220k = 136,700 miles approximately.

I did actually figure that out *before* buying the car :)  But driving
home I was like... uhmmm 130 sounds like a nice speed to go.

> Are you going to register in CA?

Already done by the PO.

> Do you have a glass sunroof?

Looks to be a slab of steel.

> Do you have a nice trick looking exhaust header or a cast-iron
> standard-looking piece?

I haven't gotten under the car, but it looks like the SS headers are
poking out there, not a manifold.

> The hatches squeak. 

Mine seems to be leaking -- or at least my drivers side floor is wet.  But
no squeeks.

> The headlights suck.

I've got euro-spec lights, but they are horribly mis-aimed at the moment.

>   The fuel injectors are hard to find and expensive when you do.  

Good to know. I see 034 has an upgrade there.

> Heater core is a huge pita to replace.

Hopefully not too worse than my GTIs -- done those already and they were a
huge PITA.

> The Speedline wheels are very prone to cracking clearcoat
> and the screw/bolt heads are pretty much just for looks.

Yep, mine's starting to go all over the car, including the wheels.

> Just a quick brain dump on what I can recall are quirky about the CQ.



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