plugged cat

Bill Shaw at
Thu Feb 28 17:04:31 PST 2008

> From: "Nick Lawrence" <nick at>
> Has any one else worked on a car that stopped running because a right size 
> chunk blocked the exhaust passage?  Thats makes a bad day!

Yep,  in my z28.  It rattled pretty good for a few weeks, then one day 
on a ski trip to Vermont last winter it wouldn't accelerate any more.  
It would idle and run just fine up to about 3000 rpm,  then just fall 
flat on its face.  When I pulled the cat I found a piece about 8" long 
had beat and bashed its self down the pipe and plugged it up solid.  I 
had an almost perfect cylinder of matrix material,  about 3" in diameter 
and 8" long.  I replace it with an aftermarket cat before my next sniff 

'99 96qa - 2 cats - exploded view
'94 z28 LT1/A4 - one cat
'84 Ferrari Mondial Cab - one cat & a test pipe for the track
'84 Porsche 928 Vortech/749 - what cat?  It's a track car!

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