Light n Wiper switch replacement and or repair question

syljay syljay at
Tue Jan 1 08:32:36 PST 2008

Patient is an 1988 5KQ

Is the light/wiper switch assembly interchangeable among the various 

The windshield wiper switch is getting flaky. Sometimes it works, 
sometimes it doesn't work. I have to play with it to get the wipers 
going. It always works in the "one shot mode". The intermittant, slow, 
and high modes are the problem areas.

I found a switch assy in the boneyard, but it belongs to a later model 
Audi - maybe 1989 or 1990 - the instrument cluster was the rounded 
"eyebrow" design similar to my 1990 100Q cluster - as opposed to my 
1988 5kq "squarish" design.
The 88 switch assembly has "squarish" styled switch stalks, while the 
"eyebrow" design has smoother, rounded switch stalks.

The switch assembly from the boneyard has two part numbers on it. One 
number for each half of the assembly.
The Right Side(normal mounted position) Part Number is 443-953-513F.
The Left Side Part Number is 443-953-503.

The switch assembly has 3 connectors on the back.
Right side has a light tan connector with 13 contacts.
Left side has a Purple connector with 13 contacts.
Left side has smaller Purple connector with 6 contacts.
(When removing the switch assy at the boneyard, I cut off the harness 
so the connectors are still attached.)

Second question: Can the switch assembly be repaired?
I think I read a post a while back about taking the assembly apart and 
cleaning the wiper switch contacts.

SJ in NJ

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