Curious about HP possibilities

Ben Swann benswann at
Fri Jan 4 15:13:47 PST 2008

Not wanting to let the cat out of the box prematurely, I have been working on a “black
box” solution that will effectively replace the distributor cap with an electronic
version that I have been calling “The electronic distributor cap”.  A prototype is on
the table and in car testing should begin in a few weeks, or as these go maybe another
month or two.

This will basically utilize the hall signal and ECU output and properly time the output
to trigger separate coils for a coil on plug or bank of coils.  It would not be
necessary to remove the distributor, although a separate trigger wheel could be

Not getting into any more details except I intend this to be a relatively plug and play
solution and will be offered as a DIY kit for the budget-minded.  The initial unit will
be tailored for the 5 cylinder, but kits may be offered for 4, 6, and 8 cylinder


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Thanks for all informative replies.   From what I've learned, if I'm looking for
displacement, the Audi V8 would be the route to go; It's lighter and bolts to the tranny
without an adapter.  The SB Chevy can be done, but requires mucho fabrication work and
would lead to long term chassis issues due to engine weight and torque.  The 200
front-end would require reinforcement to prevent the SB from galloping away.  Can you
imagine stomping the loud pedal and having the front-end separate from the car and
blast down the street? LOLL!

There are a few people working on "black box" solutions that would use the factory
harness, and possibly, distributor. Please keep us posted.


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