Light conversion

thejimrose thejimrose at
Wed Jan 9 10:45:10 PST 2008

hey bob - iirc someone on audizine did this surgery with reportedly
good results. don't have time to search for ya, but go give it a try.
i don't recall if they dremeled or transplanted, but it is out there.

i'm in the same boat - i have us hid housings and between lens pitting
and the cutoff -the output is pretty dismal. i may just get a set of
halogen ecodes and convert them.


> It's a bit of a complicated story so I won't try.
> Question #1:
> Have you ever modified the low beam pattern of your DOT lights (flat
> left side w/ center step to flat on right) to the Euro pattern (flat
> on left and rising to right from center)?
> Question #2:
> What modification of the internal mask was required?
> I guess you can figure where I'm heading with this one, eh?  ;-)  HID
> capsules and Euro lenses have been installed and work well but I'm
> not happy with the DOT beam pattern.
> Bob

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