Race Prepping an 1990 Audi 80

elweasel at bellsouth.net elweasel at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 13 07:29:21 PST 2008

      First thanks to the guys who responded to my post about changing the air filter.(curse the engineer who came up with the design)  I have the bentley new two volume in one manual. Yes it includes the owners information in the appendix. So it was originally writen by Audi. However when you look for air filter(air cleaner in the book) it tells you to see the appendix. So in a repair manual with a msrp of $150 it tells you to see a dealer. However I think bentley has gotten better. I have a 06 Jetta TDI and the bentley manual is easier to follow, although not as easy as a Haynes or Chilton guide.
      I am prepping the 80 for racing. I was removing the stuff from the truck and then could not start the car. After backtracking I found one of the wires to the alarm was disconnected. Does anyone else know where I should more carefull in removing/disconnecting. Ideally I would remove all the alarm but I don't know what would happen. Thanks for any help.

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