01 A6Q front Brakes

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Tue Jan 15 16:49:56 PST 2008

There should be no need to remove the hub bolt (to the best of my 
knowledge). Normally, the caliper separates from the carrier, and the 
carrier from the hub, each with ~2 bolts.  There should be write ups on 

I cant get too detailed, since my cars have slightly different brakes 


Kyle Ledford wrote:
> Getting ready to do a front brake job on my 01 A6Q sedan.  I have never done
> one on this car so prior to parts arriving and just for inspection I popped
> off a wheel to look at what is going to be involved. It looks like I am
> going to have to remove the hub bolt in the center? Is this correct? I was
> just curious as I am doing pads and rotors..  and BTDTs on this or any
> write-ups?
> Thanks,
> Kyle
> 2001 2.8 A6Q
> 1990 CQ - (in various stages of 20vt rebirth0
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