2.8l V6 AHA Engine Differences

Bill Shaw b.shaw at comcast.net
Tue Jan 15 19:17:52 PST 2008

Thanks pbadore,  sounds like the differences are external so I shouldn't 
have much trouble.  Mine should be going in this weekend,  with any luck 
my wife will have her Avant back and I will get my Z28 winter beast 
again soon.

> I am currently doing an AHA engine swap between a late 99 A4 AHA to a 98 A4 
> AHA.
> So far I have found that the 99 AHA uses an electronic cooling fan control 
> module which the 98 does not. The 98 AHA has a simpler 2 post fan resistor.   
> The 99 AHA has an electric coolant pump mounted between the thermostat cover 
> small diameter nipple and the horizontal cooling pipe instead of a one piece 
> coolant hose on the 98 AHA. The 99 engine has an added coolant temperature switch 
> and different a connector for the electric radiator fan. These changes may not 
> be applicable to the A6 as earlier A6 cars use ddual electric radiator fans 
> and the A4 had one mechanical drive fan. My swap is just at the point of 
> removing the 98 AHA engine with the 99 engine already out of the crashed A4.       

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