01 A6Q front Brakes

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Tue Jan 15 20:14:06 PST 2008

Mostly agree with mark, but I needed heat.  And had no $400 magic tool

The rear caliper tool ( a clamp with a screw-attachment) cna be bought 
from harbor freight for $30


Mark R wrote:
> I stay away from torches here.  But then again, I own a HUGE OTC (like 
> $400.00) 3-jaw puller.
> To do a brake job, do not remove the center hub bolt.  2 bolts hold 
> the caliper to the caliper bracket, and 2 bolts hold the caliper 
> bracket to the hub.  The rotor is trapped behind the caliper bracket.  
> You CAN just remove the bracket, but might as well separate the 
> caliper to grease the guide pins.  Pull them out (the boot is the only 
> thing holding them in), clean, inspect, and re-grease.
> You'll need lock tite to reassemble.  Careful on the reassembly.  
> Caliper to caliper bracket bolts are only 13 lb-ft.  A large c-clamp 
> will suffice to retract the front caliper pistons.  Rear, you need a 
> tool (about $50.00).
> Good luck,
> Mark Rosenkrantz
> On Jan 15, 2008 7:54 PM, Grant Lenahan <glenahan at vfemail.net 
> <mailto:glenahan at vfemail.net>> wrote:
>     Bear in mind that occasionally the blunt instrument is a torch.
>     Grant
>     mike wrote:
>     > remove the old disc (using the blunt
>     > instrument of your choice if it's tight),
>     >
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