Audi = stupid? WRX drive.

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Jan 15 23:57:32 PST 2008

>>Actually, he drives the RS2'ed S6 avant better than the GTI or anything
>>else.  I got the GTI to drive myself for a while and the plan was to let
>>him start driving it sometime later this year.  I was going to buy an
>>A4, but the GTI has more rear leg room and I've got long legged kids.
>>Didn't like the A3.
> Agreed.
> It's just my parents always seemed to think that kids should get a low-spec, 
> older car first, because 16 year olds, in groups, are 
> hormonally-incapacitated by foolishness. Not only that, but they will 
> appreciate money spent, etc.

You guys buy your kids cars?

*up for adoption*


Huw Powell

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