Get your R8 with a V12 diesel

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Wed Jan 16 09:24:27 PST 2008

Buuut with the lower rev-limit on the TDi it would either require  
taller gearing or more shifts to run 0-60 which would both slow the  
time enough to likely make it roughly even with the FSI version.

-Cody Forbes

Quoting Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at>:

> A few thoughts about an R8 4.2 TDI.  Web articles about the Q7 4.2 TDI are
> inconsistent but many quote 326hp, 561lb-ft of torque, 0 to 62mph in
> 6.4seconds, and 21 mpg.  An R8
> 4.2 FSI weighs 3,438 lbs; the Q7 4.2 FSI weighs 5,467 lbs.  This is
> speculation, but if the tall standing brick of a Q7 TDI gets 21 mpg, an R8
> TDI, which weighs about a ton less, and is more aerodynamic, ought to see
> close to 30 mpg.  Further, Car & Driver claims to have hustled an R8 4.2 FSI
> with 317 lb-ft from 0-60 in four seconds flat.  Hence, an R8 4.2 TDI with
> 244 lb-ft more torque than its FSI brethren ought to see 0-60 in the mid-3
> second range.  Hence, an R8 4.2 TDI wouldn't be too shabby at all -- decent
> performance and amazing fuel mileage. Lastly, I'd suggest that 561 lb-ft in
> a 3500 lb sports car ( 6.23 lbs per ft-lb) should be sufficient for a road
> car.
> Greg J
> Dave Eaton <Dave.Eaton at> wrote:
> from autocar at the show - the comments on the transmission sound like they
> are on the money:
> Dave
> '03 rs6
> '4 allroad tdi
> ------------------
> "The strong feeling on the show floor is that this diesel R8 is definitely
> coming, but reliable sources suggested that the production version is more
> likely to use a V8 oil-burner, not a V12.
> It seems the V12's 737lb ft torque really is too much and, among other
> issues, it could be too expensive to engineer a strong enough paddle-shift
> 'box - a necessity for the R8's target audience.
> Nothing is definite, but if the reaction at Detroit is anything to go by,
> everyone is looking forward to driving the diesel R8 whether it's a few
> cylinders short of the concept or not. "
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