Audi = stupid? WRX drive.

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Wed Jan 16 10:47:27 PST 2008

I'd agree with Taka on the Rabbit. And, surprisingly, I think you're
short changing the Mazda 3 a bit. It'll last just fine, certainly as
well as any Impreza variant.

Finally, I'd hazard a guess, since little has changed in terms of
drivetrain on the new WRX, that there will shortly be an '08 Cobb
Accessport which would allow lower power and regular unleaded
gasoline with the uprated chassis. Having two cars requring premium
out here in the boonies, where everything is "40 minutes" from here
has been a real excersise in restraint at $3.79.9 a gallon.


On 1/16/08, Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at> wrote:
> Steve-
> I don't know about the new WRX, but with the old car, you could upload the
> "economy" program via Cobb Accessport and reduce your power, allow the car
> to run on regular gas, so it can be done. I wonder if you can use the
> protuner software to encode a hard speed limiter at, say, 70 mph.
> I guess I have to drive the new WRX, because I thought the Mk. V GTI was a
> better drive than the old GDB WRX. Actually, I want to check out the new
> to see how much better or worse the new car is. $40k is a bit steep
> though-
> they end up being that much with nav and BBS. That gets me into an '06
> Corvette Z51 or possibly a Cayman S.
> BTW, a TT coupe has tiny rear seats- you can squeeze in there for short
> periods of time.
> A Rabbit would be a better car for a teenage driver- a lot less power,
> still
> has great brakes and handling compared to most cars out there.
> Taka
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