86 Audi 4kq oil pressure light

Mark R speedracer.mark at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 05:12:47 PST 2008

 The senders are cheap, BTW.  How do you test?  Right where the sender is
plugged in... there's your port.  T to keep the sender in line, or just
replace it with a manual oil pressure guage.  VDO (and others) make a dual
sender for adding an electrical guage to your dash.  Just a few more dollars
than a regular sender.

Mark Rosenkrantz

> While it might make sense to test the pressure (how is that done?), at
> around that RPM the control unit starts looking at the "high" pressure
> sender - maybe the sender is bad, maybe the control unit is.
> That's why I like the cars that have an oil pressure gauge built in...

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