Audi = stupid? WRX drive

Steve Marinello smarinello at
Thu Jan 17 08:33:37 PST 2008

Not to mention, the best body structure out there.  When you look at the 
construction of the 'small' cars, the Rabbit/Jetta are great examples of 
the advantage of some German engineering....even if they're made in Mexico.

Taka Mizutani wrote:
> How do you figure that a 3200 lb. modern car with side airbags in the seats,
> side curtain airbags,
> front airbags, traction control, ESP, ABS and modern engineering of the
> crash space is going to be
> "on the losing side of a collision with anything bigger than a squirrel?"
> We're not talking about an A1 Golf, we're talking about an A5 Golf.
> Taka
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