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Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Thu Jan 17 18:21:08 PST 2008


To start with those MSD wires aren't going to work out too well without 
changing to a different distributor cap. The stock cap uses pin type 
connections (think of a spark plug with the end cap removed), whereas all 
aftermarket wire ends use the cap style or internal barrel style. The older 
distributor caps will work, but I forget what year the change-over was 
made - somewhere arround 1985/1986 I think.

Your power problem can be any of a very wide variety of things, and you 
started off pretty good. I know you are getting full boost, but have a read 
here (http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/boost.html) for alot of 
useful info. You don't happen to ever seen the check engine light pop on, 
even briefly, do you?

I was having an issue on a newly aquired 5000tq (basically the same as your 
200) that was a misfire when on boost, especially at high revs. I changed 
the plugs, cap and rotor as you did (all looked terrible), and like you got 
the same results. Then one day I was checking some things for another 
project while the engine was running. As I moved my oscilloscope probe to 
different points my hand got close to the coil-distributor wire and BINGO 
problem found as it sent a few thousand volts down my spine ;-). Changed the 
plug wire set and all is now well.

-Cody Forbes
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Rick Cone wrote:
> Hello, just signed up!
>  I just bought an 89 200 avant quattro with a 10v turbo, 5 speed.  It
> had sat for a year and a half before I bought it.  Overall I really
> like the car; it only has one problem.  It runs awesome at light
> throttle, but when you give her the berries, it falls flat on it's
> face.  In 3rd 4th and 5th it really hesitates all the way up.  It's
> like it has more power at light throttle than at full throttle.  It
> is most pronounced as soon as it hits boost.  But I get full boost,
> so I don't know what's the matter.  I've replaced plugs, air filter,
> cap and rotor.  Wires looked good and I heard these cars were touchy
> about wires so I'm ordering a universal set of MSD wires to make a
> set out of.  It seems like the fuel pump is noisy too.  where should
> I start looking?  I want to get the ecm done, but first I need to
> iron out this problem.  Thanks for your time!
>  Rick A. Cone
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