Audi = stupid? .... Buy a Volvo.

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Thu Jan 17 19:22:18 PST 2008

An A1 Rabbit Diesel, how I have memories of that car.  Fittingly enough that
was my first car.  I remember how much of a pain in the a#$ it was to start
it in the winter months in WNY.  Of course, it had head gasket issues
galore, but as I remember well, $5 of Diesel fuel, and being careful not to
spill it on me, prior to going to school (in high school at the time), it
lasted me at least two weeks and that was driving it hard too.  It met its
demise after almost a year and a half of owning it even though it was in my
family since new and I got it six years later.  Cause of demise?  A
full-size F350 hitting it on the driver's side.

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> I must have hit a nerve that I didn't know existed on audifans. I imagine
> this is what a thread on the Volvo forum must sound like.
> In my first short comment I was talking about a A1? Wabbit  Diesel ~1980.
> Put
> your kid in it, tell them that every driver out there is  trying to kill
> them
> and teach them to drive defensively. They will end up being  a better and
> safer driver.  I believe all these new 'safety' features are  just
> producing a
> bunch of drivers on the road with the cruse control punched in  at 60 and
> the
> brain in Neutral.
> Next time you are driving the speed limit and a car is right on your as@,
> take a look in the rear view, you will most likely see a young female
>  driver
> either applying make up or talking on a cell phone. This girl's  'daddy'
> probably bought her a 'safe' car with lots of air bags ... this makes  him
> feel good
> and in today's politically correct world it is more important how  you
> feel
> than what you do. He should have instead, invested his time in teaching
> defensive driving technics, it will pay off in the long run.
> I do speak from experience. I grew up as a street racer, trying  my
> hardest
> to kill myself or someone else for many years, luckily I did  not succeed.
> My
> two sons are 26 & 31 and have never been involved  in an accident. I take
> some
> credit for this with the time spent teaching them  how to drive. Also our
> involvement with off road motorcycle racing satisfies  that urge for speed
> and
> competition and the car (or truck) becomes not a toy,  but simply a means
> to get
> from point A to point B.
> Sorry for being long winded, my's the 'nut' holding on the
> steering wheel that makes a car safe (or unsafe), not the # of airbags.
> Jim
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