Audi Ownership - Maintenance cost per mile?

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Sat Jan 19 06:13:25 PST 2008

My S6 has been pretty good, although the "nose job" cost me an arm, a  
leg, and part of an ear.

Over many years, 84 4kq, 91 90q20v, 95 a6q, 00 s4 biturbo - many with  
200-300k on them, i typically began to pay for repairs, in excess of  
regular maintenance (tires, oil changes, timing belts) about  

That's pretty cheap.

I calculated marginal operating costs, less insurance and  
depreciation on my S6. This includes tires, oil, nose jobs, etc. It  
was dominated by gas and came out to about 34 cents per mile.

That's high., the gluttonous pig.

On Jan 19, 2008, at 12:56 AM, Eric Langheinrich wrote:

> Let me start by saying about a year and a half ago I purchased an  
> Audi CPO
> 2002 4.2 A6. Over the course of around 17 months and 30,000 miles  
> this car
> has spent what seems like an excessive amount of time in the shop. Of
> course, since it's certified I feel tied to the dealership for  
> service.
> After getting my car back tonight after spending the last week in  
> the shop
> (timing belt and drivers seat heaters + incompetent parts ordering  
> on the
> dealerships part) I was a little bothered when my check engine  
> light turned
> on the second time I ran the car. I'm starting to look back over  
> the time
> I've owned the car and am working out just how much this car is  
> costing me
> per mile just in maintenance. For this, I am not including my lost  
> time, the
> cost of getting myself around without my car, gas, insurance, loan  
> interest,
> the total cost of warranty work (paid by Audi), etc. Simply, what am I
> paying my dealership/Audi for the pleasure of driving this car in  
> parts (for
> the sake of argument including's a long story), labor, and
> warranty deductibles.
> On an aside, I might go back and figure out just how many days the  
> car has
> been in the shop since I've owned it. I figure this should be an  
> interesting
> exercise for me to decide if driving an Audi is really worth it to  
> me at
> this point.
> I am very interested in what other people are experiencing.
> Thank you,
> Eric
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