Rear Defroster Switch

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Mon Jan 21 14:23:06 PST 2008

I'm sure that is why all of the power heated mirrors have been losing the 
silvering on the edges. I've never had this happen to no power mirrors.
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>> The switch may melt. It is also bad for the mirrors.
> A properly designed switch should not melt from being left on.
> Don't know about it hurting the mirrors.
> But, *using* a switch like this is better for it - each actuation helps
> keep it clean.
> If you've left it "on" because you're having trouble getting it to stay
> in, I think that's better than not having the defroster when you need it.
> But try to fix (or replace) the switch sometime.  You are at the very
> least using extra gas to make the 'lectricity to warm the rear window
> and mirrors.
>>> Hi all,
>>> Regarding the "push on and stays in and push again and is out and
>>> off switch", when using for rear defogger I'm wondering if it would
>>> be better to leave in the on position for the whole winter instead
>>> of repeatedly pushing on-off. Had a problem pushing square button
>>> to stay on, would not stay in, would spring back to out/off
>>> position, eventually stayed in the on/in position. Just left the
>>> button in the in/on position.
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> Huw Powell

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