Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge question

syljay syljay at optonline.net
Tue Jan 22 19:08:35 PST 2008

Eugene Kanter wrote:
> SJ,
> I have just changed my thermostat from what it turned out to be a Stant
> 176F to a correct Wahler 87C part number 035 121 113 B.
> The symptoms you describe match my 176F thermostat. When my original
> thermostat disintegrated at around 250k miles, I picked up a replacement
> from local parts store. I learned the hard way that local stores
> computers do not distinguish between different thermostats and only
> stock 176F instead of OEM 87C (192F).
> 87C thermostat will have your temperature meter just below 4 mark on the
> highway. Album specifies 87C for NF engine.
> Eugene.
**** Good point. I do believe that I changed the thermostat when I 
replaced the head gasket a couple of years ago. Not sure if I used an 
OEM thermostat or not.
Tomorrow, I'll try the electronic cooking temp probe taped to the 
upper radiator hose trick to see what the water temp is.

SJ in NJ

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