Throwing in the towel

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Wed Jan 23 18:14:16 PST 2008

There are two screws that hold the ign. switch to the Key/tumbler assy. The
screws are under some soft wax-like stuff. Scratch it out and use a small
flat head screwdriver and back them out, enough to allow the electrical
switch to slide back and away.
What Frank is talking about is for the removal of the turn signal/light
stalk assembly. It has nothing to do with removing the tumbler from the
metal tube that attaches to the steering column.


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Make sure to keep firm pressure on the Philips screw driver so as not round
out the screw head, only need to turn ~ 3 times, enough to pull of assembly,
will be wires plugged in clusters on the back. \


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i don't have the bentley handy so here's the best i can remember:
there is an elliptical hole on the bottom of the steering column.
put a long phillips #2 screwdriver in there with the tip pointing up and
to the left at an angle.
this screw should loosen a collar and allow you to slide the subassembly
hope i got it right...


Rick Cone wrote:
> Okay, I'm trying to change the ignition switch on my 200 turbo quattro.
How to you get the tumbler out of the steering column?  I got the switch
loose from the column, but I can't seem to get it out.  I need to drill out
two pins so I can replace the electrical part of the switch.
> Thanks,
> Rick

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