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Wed Jan 2 14:46:10 PST 2008

Find the circuit breaker for the alarm system. On the UrS cars it is the
breaker in the A1 position in the under-hood fuse box. I don't know if it is
the same breaker on the '95 A6.

Open the hood. Lock the car - in the car's "confused" condition this will
deactivate the alarm.
Remove the alarm circuit breaker. This will disable the alarm circuit.
Unlock the car.
Replace the alarm circuit breaker. All should now be good.

Hope this works for your problem.

Fred Munro
'97 S6

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Now, beginning sometime this week, the central locks automatically lock when
you start the car--I know, new Audis do this, but this '95 _never_ has done
this in the past. Adding to that, sometimes (but not always) this demon that
possesses the brains of the central locks now arms the alarm as well when it
locks the doors after starting the car. The result then is the power door
lock button no longer functions, one must raise the manual lock knobs to get
out, and when you open the door the alarm goes off. In trying to figure out
what was going on last night the IR lock/unlock stopped working.

This is a known issue with the '92 through '95 alarm systems.
Search the archives, but I believe the solution is to turn off the ignition
and exit the car. Lock the car with the key in the driver's door, wait a
minute for the alarm to set, then unlock with the remote.

I know there is a procedure, but I'm probably not remembering it correctly.


Todd Young
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