Was: Re: S6 locking system

John Larson westcoast at mypowerpipe.com
Tue Jan 29 12:55:52 PST 2008

You said, in part, 

"You know there was a time when VAG products were simple to work on.  Anyone
recall the 100 (1st generation)?  All it was, was a Dasher (Passat) with
slightly more bling.  That vehicle was so easy to work on, because
essentially it was a Rabbit (Golf) with a longitudinally mounted engine."

Perhaps you've been misinformed.  The "first" Audi 100 appeared on the 
US market FIVE years BEFORE the Dasher and the Rabbit.  It had a 
different body/chassis, a different engine (with pushrods, no less, not 
SOHC) and transmission, different brakes (front inboard discs through 
1974), different wheel diameter and bolt pattern, different everything.  
BTW, the Dasher was never known as the Passat, at least not in the US 
market.  You may have the Fox (Audi 80) (1973-1979) confused with the 
100.  The Fox became the 4000, and had a lot in common with the Dasher.  
It was the first essentially CAD designed automobile to come on the 
market, and itt appeared in MY 1973.  The Brazillian sourced VW Fox 
(1987-1991 or 1992) is, in many ways, very similar to the earlier Audi 
Fox, only REALLY "tinny".  The 1.5L SOHC engine to which you refer was 
frst seen tin the Audi Fox, then the Dasher, then the Rabbit.  I've done 
timing belts on those cars in under 30 minutes, BTW.


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