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How about the mkIII 2.Ol VW' change the t-stat you need to go under the car, take off 
the acessory belts, pull off the p/s assembly.  Or the A4 1.8t, where you need to pull the 
front end off, swing out the radiator/ac condensor?  It has been a while, and I prolly don't 
know the tricks but....still...

Compared to the the 1st gen Neon that has the t-stat right on top, and can be changed in 5 
minutes w/ two bolts and only loosing less than a cup of coolant? 

Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of dumb @ss things on 'merican cars....but often I 
wonder what the Hanz & Franz were thinking when they designed x, y, or z.


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>That experience sounds familiar.  I had an '85 Landcruiser FJ-60 with a 2F,
>which had the oil filter mounted the same way, but no funnel!!!  Interesting
>thing about this engine was that it was an GM engine, Toyota bought the
>blueprints for it, and decided to go nuts with vacuum lines!! Why did they
>do this?  God only knows...
>On Jan 30, 2008 1:32 PM, thejimrose thejimrose at> wrote:
>> american engineering or just not german? =)
>> first time i popped the hood on my gf's 05 4runner i was FLOORED to find
>> the
>> oil filter sitting, messy side down, in an aluminum funnel at the top of
>> the
>> engine bay. no wonder toyota charges her like 40$ for an oil change..
>> >
>> > FWIW, my Cadillac Escalade looks like it might need an alternator soon
>> (at
>> > only 85,000 miles since I purchased it new).  Starting to drop voltage
>> > occasionally at low RPM.  The beauty?  Right on top of the engine.
>> >  Probably
>> > a 10 minute job, including getting the tools.  Special tensioner tool?
>> >  1/2"
>> > breaker bar (or ratchet).  Sometimes (and I hate to admit this), I
>> really
>> > admire American engineering.
>> >
>> > Mark Rosenkrantz
>> >
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