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I do have to say that there is an "Audi crowd" in Seattle. We had a brand
new Volvo S80 - it was just another car. When we got the A4- even though it
was a 1.8 with the sport package - people would come up at the gas station
and say Hi. Not just Audi owners either. And don't get me wrong - there are
plenty of nice cars here - there more 3-series beemers here than Taurus's. 

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Taking a step away from german and american-bashing for a sec.... (but my
god, an escalade? just shoot me now and get it over with.)

These days I hardly bother giving a "hi" sign to anyone driving an
Audi/quattro, because for so long nobody ever returned it. There have been
really rare occasions where the situation allowed me to get a good look at
another car (of course, only an older, well-kept and nicely updated one)
and they likewise at mine, and we do the smile and maybe a small
hand-wave. But that's maybe once a year. Once in a while, a mid-teens kid
on a bicycle would spot me coming and I'd get the thumbs up and the neck
bobble, but it seems like those days are rare now too.

I'm curious: how many of you practice "the wave" in your area? Is it more
predominant where there are more older cars? Or is it more low-HP cars
reaffirming to each other? Where the hell's the love?????

I felt so bad the other day when a nice 4000CSQ owner gave me the "hi"
sign when he was driving by. I was so shocked that I didn't respond. And
the car deserved a wave!!!!! Now that owner will be thinking, "ah,
just another stupid-not-really-a-quattro-person"....

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