the wave

Brendan mailinglist at
Thu Jan 31 11:04:02 PST 2008

On Thursday 31 January 2008, Ed Kellock wrote:
> I typically don't anymore but am only tempted with similar vintage
> Audis because those people almost have to know the "value" of what
> they're driving, even if it's only due to painful cost of repairs.
> Even then though, they might not be "an enthusiast".  I've had similar
> OhShit moments when someone else does actually acknowledge me/my car
> and I'm not quick enough to reciprocate.

The worst is when you're driving "the non-Audi" and you see a prime 4000 or 
something vintage in traffic and give "the wave" and wonder why they look at 
you funny when you're driving a Subaru...

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