the wave

thejimrose thejimrose at
Thu Jan 31 12:20:16 PST 2008

great post / question! i always wonder why, when I wave to the person in the
5cylinder car i get funny looks because i'm in my a4!?!? don't hate me
because i needed a better than 50/50 drive / fix ratio! ;-)

i don't usually bother waving at neu-audi owners. i usually get the 'you
dork' look from a soccermom [they only drivers of S6's out here it seems],
or the 'i'll kick your @ss' look from some toughguy in his riced-out a4.
unless it's an obviously well modded car and you can see the owner's giving
you the look too.

it's like on the motorcycle - i always wave, and almost always get a wave
back, except for macho types on harleys, they NEVER wave. which makes me all
the happier to give a big, goofy, "HEY HOW ARE YOU I'M WAVING AT YOU" wave.

the 'motorcycle wave' really is one of my favorite things about riding...

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